Automated Barriers – The New Frontier of Public and Private Safety

Car Park Gates

An automatic obstacle stand for an ideal solution to completely regulate entries into areas or structures with medium-high traffic mass, for example shopping center, resorts, banks, yet also companies, condos and also property areas … Namely all those areas that have to manage the entrance precede where automobile need to pass or to be parked.

Most of all, a barrier gate permits specifically licensed individuals to enter. For this objective, there is a total range of access control systems, like transponder card visitors, magnetic card readers as well as anti-vandal keypads that can make Car Park Gates certain the safety and security of your facilities. Each one of these equipments is readily available both as a stand-alone or control panel variations for more security; in addition the resigned digital guarantees a maximum protection level.

Nowadays, a full line of automated obstacles is readily available on the marketplace, consisting of broadband kits and intensive commercial use versions.
Most of the times, a back-up battery system is provided for the reduced voltage versions, to ensure that they can operate likewise in instance of electric failure.

An excellent automatic entrance system is generated using immune products like iron for the body, light weight aluminum and also steel for the gear-motor: the selection of these products guarantee endurance and also integrity of the system itself for a long time.

Simpleness of access to the control panel need to be a top-feature of the barrier: this can be assured by a sensible compartment positioned on top of the barrier.

Reliable automatic obstacles have to be given with all the safety and security gadgets set up by the newest European security normative.

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